Antler Men's Rings



Finding Deer Antler Wedding Rings for Him

Deer antler rings offers the chance to gift the special someone in your life with a deeply meaningful piece of jewelry. Deer antler rings each have their own unique style and are truly one of a kind. Deer antler wedding bands appeal to the person who loves the outdoors and has an enthusiasm for hunting. Revolution Jewelry carries a line of durable and beautiful antler rings.

Many Rings to Choose From

A deer antler ring is perfect for the hunting pair who are preparing to exchange vows and need a wedding band that will commemorate their special day forever. Deer antlers are highly prized trophies kept by both hunters and lovers of nature. The antlers included in the rings from Revolution Jewelry are exclusively from shed antlers. Since the antlers are falling off naturally from the deer on an annual basis, you can buy the ring knowing all materials used are sourced under humane conditions. Each ring features a metallic base with a deer antler inlay. The inlaid genuine antler can come in a variety of colors and designs. The rings from Revolution Jewelry are crafted from highly durable metals including tungsten, carbon fiber, and titanium.

Although deer antler rings are popular with men, many couples choose to purchase a set of deer antler wedding bands together. The deer antler inlay can be paired with 14K gold for men or women who prefer a more delicate ring appearance. Alternatively, you could both choose matching deer antler rings with a larger width or a narrower cut to suit all styles and personalities.

Buying Deer Anatler Rings at Revolution Jewelry

Revolution Jewelry serves customers who are looking to buy unique deer antler rings and wedding bands that can’t be found at chain jewelry stores. Contact us today to learn more about our line of deer antler rings or inquire about any other of our custom jewelry pieces.