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Lashbrook Titanium Rings

Titanium rings have really taken off since they hit the market. What's the reason for their soaring popularity? This lightweight and durable metal is best known for its use in aircrafts and the space program. Titanium also has a lot to offer in the wedding jewelry market. Read on to see what makes Titanium so appealing.

The Titanium Advantage of Lashbrook Titanium Rings

Titanium is a smooth, comfortable metal that warms to the skin and will feel like part of your body. This material is lightweight yet strong and resists scratches and dents. It also won't tarnish and holds its shine well, even under tough conditions like salt water. In fact, the only care your ring will likely need is the occasional buffing with a soft cloth. If you're looking for a low-maintenance band, Lashbrook Titanium Ring is a very solid choice.

Strength and Style of Titanium Rings

Titanium is one of the more versatile metals that can be worked into a ring. It can be shaped, engraved, inlaid, and anodized to create different effects. Here are a few options:

Celtic Designs

Celtic knots and patterns are very popular for wedding bands, and titanium showcases these well.


Inlays are where titanium really shines. This gray metal pairs well with a wide variety of inlays including rich hardwoods, luxurious gold and platinum.


Anodizing titanium changes the color of the material. It can be done in nearly any shade, but some popular and trendy options include deep cobalt, multifaceted bronze, and emerald green.

Stay On the Wedding Bands Cutting Edge with Revolution Jewelry

If you're searching for a ring that stands out from the crowd and offers all the advantages that modern science can bring, look no further than Lashbrook titanium rings. Visit Revolution Jewelry's online store today to browse our wide selection of materials and styles.