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Lashbrook Rings

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Are you looking for a ring that will take you from the boardroom to your vacation's whitewater rapids? Lashbrook rings will keep up with you wherever your life takes you. If you want high performance durability meets style, Lashbrook rings are a great selection.Here are six rugged ring materials that will resist cracking and scratching.

Durable Lashbrook Ring Materials

Crack Resistant Lashbrook Rings Materials

Rings crack when hit by considerable force or when exposed to extreme temperatures. The most crack resistant materials will dissipate the force or temperature and keep their shape. Here are a few stars of the category:

  • Black Zirconium - Versatile and durable, black zirconium is crack resistant and comes in a wide variety of finishes.
  • Gold - Although it isn't scratch resistant, malleable gold may bend instead of cracking.
  • Titanium - This classic material is so crack resistant it has been used in the aerospace industry.


Scratch Resistant Lashbrook Rings Materials

Scratches happen when a ring rubs against a rough material that's harder than it. For maximum scratch resistance, look at materials that have been engineered for durability including:

  • Carbon Fiber - This cutting edge ring material is highly scratch resistant and ultra lightweight.


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Cutting edge technology meets daring modern style in Lashbrook rings. Whether you love the classic gleam of gold, the durable versatility of black zirconium, or the ultra-modern aesthetic of carbon fiber, you can find the right Lashbrook rings at Revolution Jewelry. Browse our website to see what's in stock or request a custom piece created just for you.