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Black Titanium Rings

What is a black titanium ring?

While titanium is naturally a grayish silver color, black titanium rings are manufactured through a natural process of vapor-deposition involving vacuum chamber technology. The process permits the blackening to penetrate far beyond the ring’s surface giving it more longevity than other similar products.

Do black titanium wedding bands fade?

Black titanium wedding bands will not fade. Unlike anodizing, which only changes the color of the surface, the process used to make black titanium penetrates well past the surface of the ring making it a long-lasting color change. In addition, all of our rings come with a Lifetime Warranty so if your ring ever needs to be fixed or refinished we will take care of it for you.

Can black titanium wedding rings be resized?

Black titanium wedding rings cannot be resized. That being said, we do offer size exchanges on our rings as explained in our shop policies.