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Celtic Rings

What do Celtic rings symbolize?

Celtic rings are often thought to be symbols of your relationship. Celtic infinity knots are a popular choice as they symbolize eternal commitment with no beginning or ending. The Claddagh is another prominent design as it represents love, friendship and loyalty. Trinity knots are another beloved option that have many meaning. To some, it has a religious meaning representing the Holy Trinity and how faith can bring us together. To others, it may represent nature including the earth, sea, and the sky and how we are all connected together. Many of our rings can be customized to feature the Celtic design that best represent you and your relationship. You can see all of our available Celtic patterns here.

What does a Claddagh ring mean?

The Claddagh ring's distinctive design features two hands clasping a heart, and surround by a crown. Each element of this symbol represents a part of your relationship. The heart is said to correspond to love, the hands represent friendship, and the crown stands for loyalty. Together these are the characteristics that form a truly lasting relationship.

How do I customize a Celtic wedding band?

If you would like to customize a Celtic wedding band you can reach out to us using our Custom Ring Quote Tool and we'll be happy to help make sure you get the perfect wedding band for your relationship.