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Meteorite Rings

What is a meteorite ring?

Our meteorite rings are made with authentic Gibeon meteorite. Gibeon meteorite was formed by metals in a super heated state and cooled over 4 billion years. This slow cooling caused the molecules in the meteorite to settle into a crystalline structure similar to what is seen in many gemstones. This rare phenomenon does not occur naturally on Earth and is what gives the meteorite its distinct Widmanstätten pattern.

Can you resize a meteorite wedding band?

For the most part, meteorite wedding bands cannot be resized, however, we do offer size exchanges on all of our rings as outlined in our shop policies.

When did the Gibeon meteorite fall?

While the exact date that the Gibeon meteorite fell is unknown, we do know that it fell in prehistoric times in Namibia. It was first discovered in 1838 and named after the nearby town of Gibeon, Namibia.

How are meteorites formed?

When dust, asteroids, comets, or other particles enter the earth's atmosphere at a high rate speed, the majority disintegrate creating what we see as shooting stars. When the earth plows into the remnants of a comet or asteroid, we have meteor showers. Superheated crystalline structures enter the earth's atmosphere and land in particular areas of the world. Once the meteor hits the earth, it blasts craters into the surface, often 12 to 20 times the size of the initial meteor.

What are Gibeon Meteorites?

In 1838, explorer James Edward Alexander made note of unusual "metal rocks" that he found in what we call Namibia today. These metal rocks were noted to have an unusual metal content and striations that look like machined metal known as the Widmanstatten pattern. Even though this pattern can be seen on metal that has been cut, it does not exist on any material that originated from planet earth.

The entire Revolution Jewelry collection of meteorite rings is made from genuine, certified Gibeon meteorite and crafted into beautiful patterns, sizes and shapes. Each one makes a statement that you cannot buy anywhere else. Let us help you tell your loved one that there's no one like them on planet earth with one of our stunning meteorite rings.

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