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Tantalum Rings

What is a tantalum ring?

Tantalum is a very dense, malleable metal making it easy to work with similar to gold. It has a rich slate bluish-gray color. Tantalum rings are manufactured with the metal in its purest form, making them completely hypo-allergenic, resistant to breakage and ultimately the most precious of all contemporary metals. Combining the rugged look of an industrial metal with the workability of gold, tantalum wedding bands blur the lines between classic and cutting edge.

Are tantalum rings safe?

Tantalum men's rings are very safe. Tantalum doesn't react to most chemicals and it is considered a hypoallergenic metal so it is also good for people who have allergies.

Can tantalum rings be cut off?

Yes, any emergency medical center should be well equipped to remove any of our tantalum men's rings.

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