How to Use Ring Sizers

Please Note:

Our sizers are 2mm wide, the wider the ring is that you order the more snug it will feel in comparison to the sizers. For example, while the size is the same, an 8mm wide ring will feel more snug than the 2mm sizer.

Your finger can fluctuate in size throughout the day due to temperature and activity. The time of year can also impact the fit of your ring. In warmer months the ring will fit tighter and in cooler months it will fit looser.

Finger shape also plays a part in how your ring will fit. If your finger is largest at the base rather than at the knuckle, the ring should fit snuggly at the base of your finger without causing an indent. If your finger is largest at the knuckle you should be able to get it on and off without a struggle, you may need to twist the ring one or two times though to get it off.

  1. Unscrew the cable of sizers and find one that fits comfortable, but stays in place and does not fall off your finger.
  2. Shake your hand around a little and make sure the sizer stays in place.
  3. Try putting it on and off a couple times.
  4. Wear the sizer around for a couple hours and make sure the size feels comfortable while you do your usual routine.
  5. Once you know what sizer fits best look at the tab on the sizer. One side will say a size between 3 and 13, half sizes will have a dash in front of it (ex. size 8 1/2 will show as -8) with a letter below it. Email us at with the size you need and we will get started on your ring the following business day.

Sizing does come down to personal preference. There is no way for anyone else to know what size you will like best. Some people prefer their ring a little looser and some people prefer it a little tighter. There should at least be some resistance in taking the ring off though in order to prevent the ring from falling off.

If you are still uncertain on what size you need, go to a jeweler and see if you can try on some rings in the same width as what you ordered.