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Wood Rings

What is a wood ring?

Our wood rings are an exquisite combination of natural cut hardwood and custom formed alternative metals. The wood can either be used as an inlay on the exterior of the ring or as a sleeve on the interior. We use the finest exotic hardwood available. The wood used in these rings is natural, imperfect and beautiful. The variation in color, character, pattern and quality of the woods ensures no two are the same. We also have a wide variety of wood types that can be used to customize your ring and make it even more unique. You can view the available wood types here.

Do wood wedding bands last?

Wood wedding bands can last as long any other wedding band. While they should be treated with care like any fine jewelry, the exotic hardwoods we use are durable and treated to ensure they'll last a lifetime. You can’t go wrong with a wood wedding band from Revolution Jewelry.

Can wood wedding rings get wet?

Yes! We stabilize the wood completely prior to working it into the ring. We then seal the wood with a thin layer of enamel to protect the wood from moisture and damage. There is no special care needed for your wood wedding ring. You can wash hands, shower, or other daily activities as usual.

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