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Damascus Steel Rings

What is Damascus steel?

Damascus Steel is made by forging two different kinds of stainless steel together by folding and twisting the metals. Combining the two metals creates one-of-a-kind patterns that resemble a wood grain. Damascus Steel rings are unique, durable, and can be customized.

Do Damascus steel rings rust?

As Damascus steel rings are made from stainless steel they are very resistant to rusting. However, exposure to harsh chemicals or salt water can make the rings more susceptible to rusting and should be avoided.

Can you resize Damascus steel rings?

Damascus steel cannot be resized, however, we do offer size exchanges on all of our rings as outlined in our shop policies.

Finding Damascus Steel Wedding Bands for Him

When it comes to finding a wedding ring for that special woman in your life, you have endless options at your disposal. Whether she wants another diamond or just a simple ring, you can always get something that matches her vision perfectly.

What about wedding rings for the men? Your options are typically much fewer. You’re left with plain silver or gold bands and little else. Here at Revolution Jewelry, we’re changing the perception that men’s wedding rings have to be boring. How? With our Damascus steel rings. What is Damascus steel exactly? With AEB-L and 302 stainless steels combined into one ring, Damascus steel forms unique patterns via folding and twisting. We can promise a completely special ring each and every time. There are no identical rings here.

Buying Damascus Steel Wedding Bands

You may also be interested in our Kuro Damascus steel wedding rings, which boast even more dramatic patterns. 316 and 304 stainless steel are mixed to make a ring you’ll love to wear every day. Our standard Damascus steel and Kuro Damascus steel rings can be augmented with a variety of options including: colored anodized titanium, jade hardwood, yellow gold, applejack hardwood, copper, and so much more.

Of course, here at Revolution Jewelry, Damascus steel rings are just the start of what’s available. You can choose from countless other materials, among them ceramic, copper, titanium, carbon fiber, cobalt chrome, black zirconium, tantalum, 14-karat gold, and Elysium Black Diamond. Our ring inlays also impress, as our men’s wedding rings can be detailed with wire, guitar strings, stone, antler, dinosaur bones (authentic ones!), gold, Mokume Gane (another metal twisting technique), exotic hardwoods, and more.

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