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Lashbrook Damascus Rings

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In the Middle Ages, some of the finest weapons in the world were made of Damascus steel. These blades were feared on the battlefield for their quality design, expert craftsmanship, and unique balance of strength and flexibility. When firearms became the weapon of choice, the process of creating Damascus was lost to history, only to be revived in the modern era.

What is Damascus?

Damascus is a process that involves heating and folding together two different kinds of steel. The name may come from the town of Damascus or from the Arabic word damas, which means water. Lashbrook damascus rings are easily recognizable by the pattern that ripples like water along the length of the piece. Due to the forging process, no two patterns will be identical. Creating Damascus can be labor-intensive, but the result is a metal that is highly durable and crack resistant.

How is Damascus Used in Lashbrook Rings?

Damascus is still used today for blades, particularly high end chef knives. Because of its strength and attractive finish, it also lends itself well to jewelry. Many Lashbrook damascus rings have a very simple design to highlight the bold pattern. However, these rings are also versatile. They pair well with a wide variety of other materials. Wooden inner sleeves and inlays of various metals are popular. Gold is a good option here. The warm gold contrasts beautifully with the cool gray of the Damascus. This softer metal inlay is also protected by the surrounding steel.

Where Can You Find Lashbrook Damascus Rings?

Gorgeous and durable, Lashbrook Damascus rings make for an unforgettable piece of jewelry. This band on your finger can be history reborn, fusing ancient style with modern technology. Browse our collections on Revolution Jewelry to see our Lashbrook damascus rings and explore how other materials are turned into unique rings.