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Lashbrook Damascus Steel Rings

No two relationships are alike, and your wedding bands should show off that same individuality. For a piece as unique as your love, consider Damascus steel. This ancient process has become popular again in the modern age. No two rings are alike, and your band can be further customized with your choice of inlays and other style elements.

Lashbrook Damascus Designs and Inlays

The refined banding of Damascus rings makes it the perfect canvas to be paired with inlays. You can add beautifully contrasting hardwood grain, or achieve a different look with matte carbon fiber. For a subtle pattern accent, consider pairing Damascus with white gold in a Celtic design. Looking for something more colorful? Anodized titanium comes in a wide variety of colors and can be placed on the inner side of the band or as an outer accent stripe.

Color Options for Lashbrook Damascus Rings

One common metal combination for wedding bands is Damascus and gold. This gives a nod to traditional wedding rings while still keeping the design modern. Looking for something more unusual? Consider the fresh combination of metal with high performance ceramic. In this case, Damascus is matched with Cerakote. This ceramic is comfortable, durable, and comes in colors ranging from hunter orange to zombie green.

Unusual Accents of Lashbrook Damascus Rings

Some Damascus rings can be etched with customized patterns. For instance, a music lover might want the notes of their favorite song etched into the ring. Outdoor enthusiasts can get mountain ranges with anodized titanium elements. Another striking look uses small gemstones such as garnets to add visual interest.

Lashbrook Damascus and More at Revolution Jewelry

Revolution jewelry is proud to offer an extensive selection of Lashbrook Damascus rings. With over a thousand styles in stock, you're sure to find the perfect ring for you. Visit our website to see the many options we have in stock or check out our other rings that’s sure to pique your interest.