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Lashbrook Wood Rings

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Interested in wood wedding rings? Look no further than the beautiful and timeless styles offered by the Lashbrook brand from Revolution Jewelry. Lashbrook wood rings are designed for men who have a deep appreciation for nature and prefer jewelry with exotic styles. Revolution Jewelry carries Lashbrook wood rings in a range of rustic and stunning styles.

Natural and Beautiful Lashbrook Wood Rings at Revolution Jewelry

Lashbrook wood rings are far from boring. Many men choose Lashbrook because they are trying to steer clear of generic wedding ring styles. Lashbrook’s rings feature custom sleeves crafted from ethically sourced hardwoods. With wood sleeves, each ring has a different appearance. By having its own distinct characteristics and coloring, each ring is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Built to Last

Lashbrook wood rings are created with the inclusion of lightweight, but durable metals. Popular inlay choices include meteorite, Damascus steel, zirconium, and titanium. These metals keep the rings feeling light and comfortable when worn throughout the day. Lashbrook wood rings also are scratch-resistant, making it an ideal choice for men who frequently work with their hands. All rings from Lashbrook are also waterproof and can be worn while bathing or swimming. Rings from Lashbrook will not rust or tarnish.

Lashbrook Wood Wedding Band Custom Designs

Each Lashbrook wood ring is custom made with unique patterns that won’t be seen on any other wedding band. Most rings from the collection have a masculine style with a neutral steel color, but there are offerings with colorful accents. For instance, Lashbrook has steel and zirconium rings with 14 karat yellow gold inlays. Or you may prefer an eye-catching hardwood inlay on the ring like jade wood. The options available are seemingly endless.

Revolution Jewelry prides itself on offering an extensive collection of alternative wedding bands. Shop rings handcrafted from wood, meteorite, ceramic, tungsten, titanium, and many, many more. We’re proud of our vast selection of mens rings.