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Lashbrook Wood Rings

Solid, sturdy, and hypoallergenic, a wood ring appeals to those who appreciate a more rustic style. If you're looking for one that is as unique as the person who will wear it, then it's time to browse the selection of Lashbrook wood rings. Each ring is made from ethically sourced wood from all over the world. Because each block of wood will vary by both color and grain, Lashbrook ensures that no two rings are alike. Revolution Jewelry sells Lashbrook wood rings for their stunning beauty and quality.

Lashbrook Wood Rings

Lashbrook has chosen to make their rings from exotic wood that still manages to be sustainable. This eco-friendly approach has delighted couples all over the country. Their philosophy is to honor the people who wear their pieces and to show them just how valued they are. A mass-produced ring is not only common, but it also lacks the character that makes a piece of jewelry more than just an everyday object. Lashbrook has designed their wooden rings to be a timeless accessory, one that can be worn all day every day. Lashbrook even offers custom-made rings to tell your unique story in a single piece of jewelry.

Lashbrook Rings at Revolution Jewelry

Revolution Jewelry noticed the special qualities of Lashbrook wood rings immediately. Every ring starts as a solid block before being given to a skilled artisan. As the circles begin to fall away from the block, the artisan shapes the ring to perfection. The hardwood is then sanded and sealed with an ultra-strength resin. This allows the wearer to come into limited contact with water and other chemicals without risking the integrity of the ring. If you're looking for a ring that is every bit as special as your relationship, then Lashbrook wood rings at Revolution Jewelry can be a symbol to represent just that.