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Who Buys Mens Wedding Rings?

It’s no secret that men’s wedding rings are the “forgotten ring” of the wedding industry. Women get to pick out their dream engagement and wedding ring, while men simply choose between a few basic designs. But who buys mens wedding rings? Let’s take a look at some of the most likely suspects.

The Bride-To-Be
Let’s start off with the obvious answer—the bride-to-be! As tradition goes, it is generally assumed that the woman will purchase the man’s wedding ring as part of her bridal ensemble. With this in mind, many women opt to buy their future husband’s ring without his input or knowledge. After all, surprise gifts are always fun! Plus, it gives her an opportunity to express her style and make sure that his ring matches hers perfectly.

The Groom Himself
While the bride is usually responsible for buying the groom's wedding band, there are some cases where he might choose to purchase it himself. For example, if he wants something unique or something that reflects his personal style then he may opt to shop for a ring solo. Additionally, if he has a tight budget then he might be more willing to buy his own ring than ask his fiancée to go over budget just for him.

Family Members
It isn’t uncommon for family members of either party (or both!) to purchase mens wedding rings as well. This could be either out of love and support from close relatives or simply because they want to contribute financially towards the couple's big day. No matter the reason behind it, gifting your future son-in-law with his wedding band can certainly show him how much you care and make him feel even more welcomed into your family!

Overall, there are many possible options when it comes to buying mens wedding rings. Whether you pick out an amazing design yourself or have someone else do it for you—just make sure you take your time and find something that suits your personality best! After all, this is one piece of jewelry you will wear every single day so make sure you love it! Happy shopping!