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Cobalt Chrome Rings

What are cobalt chrome rings?

Cobalt chrome is a bright silvery metal with a beautiful luster. It has a weight similar to Gold but is significantly harder and more durable. It can be combined with a wide variety of materials and is highly customizable. Cobalt chrome rings do not need any special care and can be worn in nearly any environment or condition. Cobalt chrome is an excellent choice for men's rings as it looks and feels like a precious metal, but has the durability of aerospace grade alloys.

Will cobalt chrome wedding rings shatter?

While cobalt chrome wedding rings are quite hard and scratch resistant, they are not brittle like tungsten rings and will not crack or shatter. Due to this and the customizability of cobalt chrome, we generally recommend cobalt chrome over tungsten for men's rings.

Can cobalt chrome wedding bands be resized?

For the most part, cobalt chrome wedding bands cannot be resized. However, we do offer size exchanges on all of our rings as explained in our shop policies.

Known for their versatility and superior durability, cobalt chrome men's rings have become a popular option amongst those who value contemporary style and fine craftsmanship. At Revolution Jewelry, we carry a large selection of sophisticated cobalt rings, including wedding bands, meteorite inlay rings, and chrome band designs with diamonds. With cobalt chrome rings, you can achieve the look and feel of more costly metals but with the unbeatable durability of aerospace grade alloys. They are also an affordable alternative to gold and platinum rings.

Stylish Cobalt Chrome Rings

Characterized by their bright white metal and brilliant luster, cobalt rings have the luxurious look of platinum but for a fraction of the price. Cobalt chrome is constructed of chromium, cobalt, and several other metals which are known for their strength and resistance to wear and tear. It is also hypoallergenic which makes the rings a favored option by allergy sufferers.

Cobalt chrome rings require no special care and can be safely worn in all types of environments. The color of the ring will not change over time and it can withstand frequent usage without breaking or cracking. You can buy cobalt chrome rings in a wide range of styles, such as knot designs, meteorite inlays, branch patterns, and hammered finishes.

Cobalt Chrome Wedding Rings

Make your wedding day extra special with the right piece of jewelry. At Revolution Jewelry, our exceptional cobalt wedding bands will stand the test of time, just like your union. They can also be personalized to create a custom piece of jewelry that meets your unique preferences. Choose from laser engravings, diamond or gemstone settings, inlays, or a combination of these options.

Shop Cobalt Chrome Rings

For high performance, shine, and strength, you want cobalt chrome rings. Shop Revolution Jewelry today and discover an impressive selection of styles and options.

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