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Custom Men's Rings

Custom Rings for Men at Revolution Jewelry

Men who stand out from the crowd want a ring that does the same. Sometimes you can't find the right piece in a catalog. Sometimes you have the perfect idea in mind but it doesn't exist, yet. Here are just a few of the striking, high performance, and exotic materials that we work with at Revolution Jewelry. By choosing the perfect material and inlay, you can create your own custom rings for men.

Mens Ring Materials

Damascus is an ancient process rediscovered in the modern era that involves folding two kinds of steel together. This creates its signature finely layered look. Each Damascus ring is one of a kind. Similar to Damascus, the process of Timascus layers two forms of titanium together to create layers. Timascus rings are a striking blend of blues.

Carbon Fiber Rings

Nothing gives a high tech and modern look quite like carbon fiber. Sleek and durable, this material was designed with maximum performance in mind. The matte surface contrasts beautifully with many inlays.

Type of Inlays

The rustic look of semi precious stones gets a modern energy in geometric inlays. Some popular choices include lapis, turquoise, and malachite. Meteorite stone is also a very popular choice. This extremely rare and exotic stone has heavenly origins. Not every meteorite can hold up to jewelry usage, which is why we only work with nickel-rich and rust-resistant Gibeon meteorite. For those who love nature, you can’t go wrong with a wood inlay. Wood has a natural warmth and can develop a wonderfully comfortable and smooth patina over years of use. This makes it a popular choice for the inner portions of rings.

We'll Create a Revolutionary New Look For You

Where can you find the finest selection of custom mens rings in unique materials? At Revolution Jewelry, our craftsmen can work with everything from traditional metals like gold to high-tech materials like carbon fiber and Damascus. Come by our website to draw inspiration from these unique rings or contact us for a custom ring quote.