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Superconductor Rings

What is a superconductor ring?

Superconductor rings are machined from a single section of superconductor cable. Superconductor cable is made up of many highly conductive titanium-niobium alloy rods, which are then insulated by Copper and formed into a large cable. A cross-section wafer of cable is cut at an angle and made into a ring. The resulting band has a beautiful pattern that is formed by the layers of the niobium-titanium alloy and copper crossing through the ring at different points. No two superconductor rings will look the same, as the resulting patterns will vary based on cable and cut.

What are superconductor cables normally used for?

Superconductor cables are most commonly used in high magnetic field devices and applications such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Superconductor is an industrial material, it’s not made specifically for jewelry. Due to this, it can have some flaws in it that come out during the etching process. These flaws can vary from small voids in the material to black markings. The industrial nature of superconductor is part of what gives it the rugged appeal that many people enjoy, but it is something to consider when ordering a superconductor wedding ring.

Can you resize a superconductor wedding bands?

Superconductor wedding bands cannot be resized, however, we do offer size exchanges on all of our rings as outlined in our shop policies.

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