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Tire Tread Rings

What is a tire tread ring?

Our tire tread rings come with a variety of tire tread patterns milled into the surface of the ring including truck mud tire treads and bicycle tire treads. The rings can be made from a variety of metals including black zirconium, titanium, or cobalt chrome and they can come with a variety of accents such as anodizing, Cerakote, and diamonds.

Can tire tread wedding bands be resized?

Most of our tire tread wedding bands cannot be resized because of the metals that are used to make many of them. However, we do offer size exchanges on all of our rings as outlined in our shop policies.

Can I customize the tire tread pattern?

Yes! We have a variety of tire tread patterns available including bicycle, motorcycle, truck, tractor, and mud tire treads. You can see all of our available tire tread patterns here. In addition to this, if you have a custom pattern you would like us to use we can likely do that too! To customize the tire tread pattern on your ring, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.