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Antler Ring Info

100% Naturally Shed Antler

All of the antler we use comes from natural deer antler sheds. After the rutting season, bucks testosterone levels decrease which causes their antlers to become loose and fall off. These antler sheds normally happen between December and April and the exact time varies from location to location.

Antler Color Variations

As antler is a natural material the color and pattern can vary significantly from antler to antler. Many things can effect the color of antler from the genetics and age of the buck or even the time of year that the antler fell off. Also, the color on the exterior of the antler can be different from the color on the inside so it is extremely difficult to predict what the final product will look like.

For this reason, we cannot guarantee any color or pattern when it comes to antler. The color of antlers range from white to gray or even tan to brown. Also, some antler will have a wide variety of pattern defined within it while others will appear more solid with little variety. The uniqueness of antler is part of the appeal to it, but it something to remember when ordering an antler ring. Below are some examples of antler varieties:

Black Zirconium ring with light colored antler
Damascus Steel ring with light colored alter and some patterns
Damascus Steel ring with light colored antler and more defined patterns
Damascus Steel ring with light colored antler and very defined patterns
Black Zirconium ring with grey colored antler and lots of patterns
Titanium ring with tan colored antler and some patterns
Kuro Damascus Steel ring with brown colored antler and very defined patterns
Black Zirconium ring with dark brown colored antler and lots of defined patterns


Antler holds up very well as an inlay or sleeve on a ring. We stabilize the antler completely prior to working it into a ring. We then seal the antler with a thin layer of enamel to protect it from moisture and damage. There is no special care needed for the antler. You can wash hands, shower, etc as usual.

Of course if anything were ever to happen to the antler in your ring during the warranty period, we would refinish, repair, or replace the antler. Another thing to remember, if the antler does have to be replaced, it will likely look different from the original piece of antler as we are unable to predict what antler will look like from piece to piece.