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Carbon Fiber Ring Info

Manufacturing has come a long way from what it used to be. When you think of strong and durable material, one that's sure to figuratively last for years — look no further than carbon fiber! This incredible bonding process weaves the fibers together so tightly that each strand becomes stronger as part of its whole: making it an apt metaphor for those heartfelt connections between us all.

What is it?

Our carbon fiber rings provide an unmatched strength to weight ratio- perfect for those who demand top performance. Our meticulously crafted designs are made right here in the United States, using superior quality material used by Formula 1 Racing and aerospace engineering companies alike. Get your hands on our distinctively stylish yet extremely durable rings!

Material Details

Carbon fiber is a strong and lightweight material with many applications. Its production process begins when organic polymers are drawn into fibers which are then exposed to extreme heat. The heat causes the atoms within the fibers to shake violently driving out most of the non-carbon atoms from the strands. The result? Thin tightly wound carbon strands which are then stabilized, spun, and woven. After, a resin application binds it, this is what is used in our classic Black Carbon Fiber and Silver Texalium inlays. Forged Carbon Fiber has the resin applied after the carbon strands are cast into a dazzling one-of-a kind patterns to create a unique look.

Tantalum Ring with Forged Carbon Fiber Sleeve
14k White Gold Ring with Black Carbon Fiber Inlay
Meteorite Ring with Forged Carbon Fiber Sleeve
Black Zirconium Ring with Silver Texalium Inlay

Customization & Personalization

Create your ideal ring with our Ring Builder! You can take advantage of the classic look and strength of carbon fiber by incorporating it into any one of our featured styles or designing a personalized piece. Our standard carbon fiber can be used as a center or off-center inlay, while our forged carbon fiber can be used as either an inlay on the outside of the ring or as an interior sleeve. This material is available on alternative metals or precious metals – all expertly crafted to create something unique just for you. Start building today!

Wear & Care

Carbon Fiber rings need no special care. As long as they don't contain meteorite, they can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner. If your ring does contain meteorite please refer to the meteorite cleaning instructions.


What Are Other Ways Carbon Fiber Is Used Around The World?

Competitive athletes have taken their sports to the next level, with many now relying on carbon fiber for increased performance. From hockey sticks and tennis racquets to archery bows, golf clubs, rowing shells and even bikes - numerous sporting goods are made from this advanced material. Carbon fiber is also making waves in protective clothing such as helmets and shoes used in racing events.

How Thick Is The Layer Of Carbon Fiber Used On My Ring?

Get the custom look you want with carbon fiber inlays or sleeves! Either way, the thickness is usually between 2-3mm, and during your design process you'll pick just the right width.

Is Carbon Fiber As Part Of My Wedding Ring Rough Or Scratchy To My Skin?

Carbon fiber jewelry is celebrated for its smooth, warm texture and gentle caress against the skin. Be sure to take comfort knowing it's a delightfully comfortable addition to your ensemble!

Is Carbon Fiber A Heavy Material?

Carbon fiber is the perfect material for jewelry that won't weigh you down. Its featherweight composition makes it 12 times lighter than gold while its strength and durability make it a top choice in commercial applications that require a lot of strength without the weight.

Do You Have Different Types Of Carbon Fiber?

We offers three distinct styles to add carbon fiber into your wedding ring - forged, silver and black. Each pattern is sure to bring a unique spin that'll make the special moment of exchange even more unforgettable!