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Diamond & Gemstone Ring Info

Our natural white diamonds are sourced ethically and without conflict, offering only excellent quality in every size including our smallest stones. As diamond quality and value varies greatly, we use the Three Cs—Cut, Color & Clarity—to help let you know what makes our diamond so special.

Are you looking for something dazzling and unique to adorn your ring? You've come to the right place! Diamonds, gemstones and their individual characteristics are amazing choices. Here's a quick summary of diamond and gemstone characteristics used in our rings - get ready for a sparkly surprise!

Diamonds for Men's Bands

Platinum Ring with Sapphires
Tiger Damascus Steel Ring with Black Diamonds
Black Zirconium Ring with Diamonds and Rubies
14k Rose Gold Ring with Black Diamonds and a Black Zirconium Inlay


We offer diamonds and gemstones that embody excellence - they're cut to ideal proportions allowing for absolute brilliance and radiance. Our Ideal cut stones are what GIA classifies as "excellent", meaning they meet the highest standards of sparkle and beauty.


We use stunning diamonds that are in the 'near colorless' range of G-H and higher on the GIA color scale. All of our colored diamonds are natural with a careful enhancement to give it a striking pop!


The stunning sparkle and beauty of diamonds is a directly related to their clarity - often determined by how many inclusions or blemishes they have inside them. The less of these impurities, the higher the value and cost. We're incredibly strict on the standard of diamonds we use, all of the diamonds we use are graded at SI1+ and above, even our small diamonds.

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds, mysterious and alluring, continue to capture imaginations. These stunning stones are still sourced ethically and conflict-free from natural deposits around the world before undergoing a specialized treatment that reveals their true beauty — an enhanced black hue like no other diamond can offer. It's easy to see why they've become increasingly popular in recent years!

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Man-made diamonds have evolved to the point of near identical chemical, physical and optical properties as those created in nature. Lab-grown alternatives cost less than mined stones, but offer all their beauty with none of the environmental impact. We are proud to offer lab grown diamonds on our Ring Design Tool which allows you to design rings using millions combination styles, metals finishes, and settings combined!

Precious Gemstones

Add a dazzling twist to your daily wear with the exceptional range of AA+ graded precious gemstones we have available! From vivid blues and passionate reds, natural sapphires and rubies come in an array of eye-catching colors that have extraordinary hardness – second only to diamonds. Their superior brilliance, color clarity, durability makes them ideal for jewelry pieces you'll treasured forever. All of our precious stones are natural with a color enhancement.

Semi-Precious Gemstones

Semi-precious stones aren't as rare, hard, or brilliant, but they still make for dynamic, beautiful additions to your one of a kind men's wedding band. Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Malachite are a few examples of these stones. These softer stones can be inlaid into the ring using an intricate process involving crushing and mixing with special jewelry grade resin that is placed within deep grooves on the ring. Transform your ring by adding semi-precious stones to it using our Ring Design Tool!