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Kuro-Ti Ring Info

Handcrafted with an artisan's finesse using pressure, heat, and hand-twisting, Kuro-Ti boasts a stunning range of colors- from deep violets to light blues. Its vibrant hues are achieved through an oxidation process on its surface and may fade with everyday wear. However, the etched version maintains it's color due to the recesses in the metal that hold and protect the color.


We craft our lightweight and durable Kuro-Ti rings with two different types of titanium, delicately intertwining the metals in a similar process to Damascus steel. Kuro-Ti is twisted, folded and reheated multiple times until the perfect design is achieved - your ring will be a timeless beauty you can treasure forever.

What is Kuro-Ti

Titanium is a 'reactive' metal that allows it to be anodized. Anodizing is what gives Kuro-Ti its remarkable colors from deep violet to light blue when oxidized. These gorgeous hues may fade over time with daily wear, but etched designs preserve the vibrancy better due to their recessed nature that can be both seen and felt for added texture and depth of your ring!

Kuro-Ti Ring
Kuro-Ti Ring with 14k Rose Gold Inlay
Kuro-Ti Ring with Black Mother of Pearl Inlay

Customization & Personalization

Get creative with inlays! While the heating process does limit some of the inlays available, we're still able to offer you a variety of materials to choose from - like Precious Metals, Meteorite, and Cerakote. And if your heart desires something more unique and special, custom requests are always welcomed. Want to up the ante? Try mixing your design with one of our many sleeve options. Don't miss out on your chance to create something beautiful.

Wear & Care

Our Kuro-Ti rings are the ultimate show of sophistication and durability - wear them anywhere, from rough trails to special occasions. The metal will scuff over time like a badge of honor, but it holds up to a great deal of abuse without cracking, breaking, or bending. And if you ever want it restored, don’t worry – just reach out to us for factory refurbishment!


What Else Is Titanium Damascus Used For?

From striking shades of blue to regal purple, Kuro-Ti is a metal that's truly unforgettable. Popular for use in knives similar to Damascus steel, this awe-inspiring alloy will add an extra bit of beauty and shine to anything it's used in!

Does Titanium Damascus Weigh A Lot Compared To Other Wedding Bands?

Titanium one of the most lightweight metals around while still offering a lot of strength. A finished Kuro-Ti band is noticeably lighter compared to heavier gold bands. This lightweight can also make the ring more comfortable for people who aren't used to wearing a ring.

Do The Colors Fade Over Time?

With everyday use, the vivid hues will fade some, but the etched versions maintain their color extremely well due to the colored sections being in recesses. But never fear – these rings can be factory restored at anytime to make them as vibrant and eye-catching as ever!