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Shell Ring Info

Rare & Sustainably Sourced

Transforming the beauty of nature into a piece of lasting art, our splendid shell inlays and sleeves are the perfect accent to any ring! Crafted with the iridecent inner layer from the shell, called nacre, each ring is made unique through the time, tides, and territory of the shells origin. For rings unlike any you’ll find anywhere else on Earth, dive deep for your perfect statement-making ring today!

Sustainably Sourced Styles

Our commitment to sustainability means that divers carefully measure each shell before collecting them, logging their location, and the amount they harvest. The shells are then cut into scales which get arranged in strips and secured inside the a groove on the ring. To protect it from moisture or damage, we seal its intricate beauty with medical-grade resin – providing enhanced durability alongside the charming appeal!

Black Zirconium Ring with Black Mother of Pearl Inlay
Meteorite Ring with Freshwater Mother of Pearl Inlay
Kuro-Ti Ring with Abalone Sleeve
Platinum Ring with Freshwater Mother of Pearl Inlay

Types of Shells Available

Abalone - New Zealand

New Zealand Abalone is a sight to behold! Its shimmering shell displays breathtaking blues, greens and hints of pink and purple. For the adventurous at heart, it's found along New Zealand’s southern coastlines - Great White Shark territory!

Black Mother of Pearl - Tahiti

Black Mother of Pearl is an enchanting material, with a subtle glossy darkness. When the light catches it right, it reveals dazzling peacock hues that will captivate you. These shells come from the same oysters that are bred for black pearls, which draw admiration from across the world!

Freshwater Mother of Pearl - Australia

This shell rivals the stars in its beauty! Its strong luster sets off subtle pearlescent pinks, making it an absolute show-stopper. Most shells have usually produced two to three dazzlingly pearls before they are collected. These are a true testament to nature's awe-inspiring majesty.

Wear & Care

Inlays and sleeves receive a protective resin coating, keeping them safe from wear-and-tear or water damage. However, to keep your jewelry looking its best we recommend limiting prolonged exposure to moisture and chemicals.

For an easy refresh of the inlay's beauty, you can polish shell rings right at home. If a more serious touchup is needed - just send the ring back our way for a factory refurbishment anytime!


What Does Abalone Symbolize?

Abalone symbolizes water, as we observe the dazzling hues, it invites us to ponder the delicate beauty and mystery of our vast oceans. By letting its calming essence take hold, any turmoil from life's struggles can be shifted away like gentle waves upon a shoreline; allowing more peacefulness and clarity into our lives.

How Do You Care For Abalone Jewelry?

Our abalone rings are carefully sealed to keep them safe from moisture, but we recommend avoiding long-term contact with water and harsh chemicals. To preserve their luster wash the ring occasionally with soap and warm water - if more intensive care is needed do not hesitate to reach out!

Can I Customize An Shell Ring?

Abalone jewelry is perfect for those wanting something truly unique! No two pieces of abalone are alike, making each and every one as unique as you. Our custom rings come with a choice of three types of magical abalone or shell inlays. We offer a large variety of customizations on our ring builder and if you don't see the customization you're after, just reach out to us – we'd love to work together on creating your one-of-a-kind piece.

Why Doesn’t The Shell Look Like The Examples On The Website?

Every shell is one-of-a kind, displaying its own stunning combination of color and pattern. You won't be able to find two the same - so the look may vary from our examples online. The possibilities are endless with such beautiful variability!

What If The Shell Inlay Breaks?

You can rest assured that all of our rings are guaranteed for life! Even in the case of a crack or breakage, we'll take care of it re-inlaying and refinishing to get you back up to full shining glory.