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Mosaic Stone Types

Mosaic inlays are the perfect expression of individual style and beauty to add to your ring! Crafted from ethically sourced crushed semi-precious stones and fossilized dinosaur bone, each unique ring has its own distinct pattern and color variation. With a large variety of stones to choose from, express your individuality today with a one-of-a kind piece of wearable art.

What is it?

Mosaics are a creative type of inlay, crafted by taking gemstones and crushing them into small pieces. The individual stones are then carefully assembled together to create an eye-catching design within the groove or channel of your ring! As each piece has its own unique color, inclusion & mineral veins, their combined appearance creates an everchanging effect that’s truly delightful for all who behold it.

Mosaic style inlay is the perfect way for jewelry pieces such as rings to remain durable and beautiful during daily wear. In mosaic inlays we're able to use gemstones that may otherwise be too soft or brittle on their own; but when bound using specially designed jewelers resin they create a stunning design that will last through everyday use while looking its best!

Semi-Precious Stones

Our Mosaics are crafted with the utmost attention and care. They combine crushed genuine stones, encased in an aerospace grade resin that withstands time while preserving your ring's vibrant beauty.

Ring with Black Dinosaur Bone Inlay
Black Dinosaur Bone
Ring with Black Onyx Inlay
Black Onyx
Ring with Black Tourmaline Inlay
Black Tourmaline
Ring with Blue Apatite Inlay
Blue Apatite
Ring with Blue Sapphire Inlay
Blue Sapphire
Ring with Blue Tiger's Eye Inlay
Blue Tiger's Eye
Ring with Chalcopyrite Inlay
Ring with Charoite Inlay
Ring with Chrysocolla Inlay
Ring with Coral Inlay
Ring with Dalmation Jasper Inlay
Dalmation Jasper
Ring with Desert Jasper Inlay
Desert Jasper
Ring with Garnet Inlay
Ring with Gold Tiger's Eye Inlay
Gold Tiger's Eye
Ring with Green Fuschite Inlay
Green Fuschite
Ring with Lapis Inlay
Ring with Lepidolite Inlay
Ring with Malachite Inlay
Ring with Ocean Jasper Inlay
Ocean Jasper
Ring with Red Dinosaur Bone Inlay
Red Dinosaur Bone
Ring with Red Tiger's Eye Inlay
Red Tiger's Eye
Ring with Sodalite Inlay
Ring with Tan Dinosaur Bone Inlay
Tan Dinosaur Bone
Ring with Thulite Inlay
Ring with Turquoise Inlay

Material Guide

Our exquisite mosaic options have vibrant gems that originate from all corners of the globe. The cost and rarity vary, but each unique stone is selected for its beautiful natural qualities - no artificial dyes or treatments here! With one small exception: Red coral species are endangered so our coral has a red color treatment to ensure the preservation of red coral species.

Wear & Care

Our resin creates a protective barrier that guards gemstones from the wear and tear of everyday activities. Though these rings are sturdy enough for regular use, it is best to treat them as fine jewelry - taking off your ring during rough activities will ensure its longevity!

Mosaic rings are a breeze to keep looking beautiful! They can easily be cleaned with everyday jewelry cleaner, steam, or ultrasonic cleaners. If you want to give your cherished mosaic ring an refresh, just send it back our way and we’ll make sure they look as good as new in no time.

Unique Characteristics

People have appreciated the beauty and mysticism of gemstones for centuries. From Egyptian pharaohs harnessing lapis lazuli jewelry to contact their deities, through modern-day enthusiasts touting energy healing properties; it's no wonder these dazzling stones hold a special place in our collective hearts!

Customization & Personalization

With seemingly endless possibilities of customization, our mosaic inlays can help make your ring truly one-of-a-kind. We don't do mosaics as a sleeve, but we can use materials that are special to you – like sand from your favorite beach or rocks found on an unforgettable hike (just make sure whatever material you want used is gathered ethically and according to any local laws). If you have any questions about using unique items for customizing please contact us!


What if my mosaic ring chips or cracks?

Mosaic rings are crafted with the best quality materials, so you can be sure to cherish them for years. But should a problem arise during the warranty period, our warranty and refurbishment services ensure that your jewelry remains as radiant as ever!

Can I send in materials to make my own mosaic ring?

If you have a material in mind for your project, our team will be able to verify if it is suitable and provide an accurate price quote. There are many factors that impact the usability of different materials; hardness and quality being two of them. Reach out today so we can help get you the perfect option for your ring!