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Options of Wood Inlay Rings

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Did you know that your ring doesn’t have to be made with just metal? That’s right, At Revolution Jewelry, we have wood ring wedding bands. Wood rings are a unique way to express your individual style and strength. Whether you are picking out a ring at our online store for everyday wear, or you want something special for your own wedding band, you’re going to love the selection we have of wood inlay rings at Revolution Jewelry.

Wood Inlay Rings Meant To Be Hypoallergenic

Having a wood inlay ring can also be more hypoallergenic, if you are sensitive to certain precious metals like white or yellow gold. We have many wood rings that are strong and solid. When they are mixed with just the right metals like Damascus steel, zirconium, or titanium, this will produce a very hardy ring that you don’t have to be super gentle with. You can go about your regular day to day activities wearing your improved wood ring.

An Eco-Friendly Tribute

These wood inlay rings are a nice way to show your love for the environment. Wood and metal mixed tends to be an amazing statement piece in a ring, so expect to get lots of compliments on your choice of jewelry. We also can do custom made pieces if you have something more specific in mind.

Quality Wood Inlay Rings at Revolution Jewelry

Here is an example of a special wood ring. This is a Kuro damascus steel ring with a hardwood sleeve. This particular wood is known as “red heart wood” with a lush red hue that would make the perfect wedding band. It has a comfort fit band so you’ll find that wearing this ring is a pleasure.

Shop online at Revolution Jewelry for our selection of wood inlay rings. You’ll probably end up wanting to add a couple of different wooden inlay rings to your jewelry collection.