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Gold Karats

The purity of gold is measured in karats. Each karat represents 1/24th of the material being gold. Pure gold is 24k gold. This means at least 99.99% of the material is gold. 18k gold is a gold alloy where 75% of the material is gold and 25% is other metals which are used to strengthen the gold. Continuing down, 14k gold is 58.3% gold, and 10k gold is 41.7% gold.

The purity of the gold affects the color, durability, and weight. Generally 24k gold will be the most true gold color and it will be the heaviest. It is also very soft and, although it is very resistant to tarnishing, it is not a great base material for a ring, but it can be used as an inlay in rings. On the other hand, 10k gold is much lighter in color, weighs a bit less, and is the hardest, but it can be prone to tarnishing. Most solid gold rings are made of either 14k or 18k gold as they offer a good compromise between the hardness of the metal and being resistant to tarnishing. Here at Stonebrook Jewelry, we offer a large variety of gold rings. Be sure to check out all of our gold rings today.

Gold Colors

Gold is available in several colors, there's the traditional yellow gold color, white gold which is known for it's silvery-white color, and rose gold which gets it's pink color from being mixed with copper.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has a nice warm, classic gold color to it. Yellow gold is resistance to tarnishing, rust, and corrosion. See all of our Men's Yellow Gold Wedding Bands.

10k Yellow Gold Men's Wedding Band
10k Yellow Gold
14k Yellow Gold Men's Wedding Band
14k Yellow Gold
18k Yellow Gold Men's Wedding Band
18k Yellow Gold
Rose Gold

Rose gold has a marvelous pink hue to it which is created by adding copper to the alloy. Rose gold does not change color or fade over time. Browse all of our Rose Gold Men's Wedding Bands.

14k Rose Gold Men's Wedding Band
14k Rose Gold
18k Rose Gold Men's Wedding Band
18k Rose Gold
White Gold

White gold has metals such as silver, palladium, or nickel mixed with the gold in order to create an alloy that has a silvery-white color. White gold is usually plated with Rhodium to make it even more white. Review all of our Men's White Gold Wedding Bands today.

10k White Gold Men's Wedding Band
10k White Gold
14k White Gold Men's Wedding Band
14k White Gold
18k White Gold Men's Wedding Band
18k White Gold
Alternative Metals

While yellow gold and rose gold are fairly unique in their colors, white gold resembles several other metals that we offer. Platinum is naturally white in color. It is also 95% pure meaning it is actually heavier than most gold rings. Since it is more pure than 14k or 18k gold, it's also a good choice for people with metal allergies. The purity also means that it does cost more than most gold alloys. See our Men's Platinum Wedding Bands.

Titanium and Cobalt Chrome are modern alternative metals. They both have a silvery color to them, but Cobalt Chrome is more white similar to platinum and white gold than Titanium. Titanium is a strong lightweight metal which is why it's often used in the aerospace industry. Cobalt Chrome is a little stronger than titanium and has more of a heft to it similar to stainless steel. View all our Titanium Rings and Cobalt Chrome Rings.

Platinum Men's Wedding Band
Titanium Men's Wedding Band
Cobalt Chrome Men's Wedding Band
Cobalt Chrome