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When planning your wedding, there are many things you need to decide on, such as wedding rings, wedding dress, music and the wedding venue. Your wedding location is so crucial for you and your spouse because it is the place you will share memorable moments. Ultimately, whether you choose to host a local or a lavish destination wedding, you will need to consider the pros and cons of each.

Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a wedding held in a location away from your hometown. Often, the ceremony, reception and after-party are held in the same venue. Also, at times the wedding and honeymoon are celebrated at the exact location.

Destination wedding options are endless. Depending on your budget, you can opt for your dream wedding spot anywhere around the globe. From tropical islands, fine sandy beaches, mountain views, historical architecture, incredible seaside's and romantic cityscapes, you have plenty of places to choose from. Here are the pros and cons of a destination wedding.


Complete Wedding Package

Many of the resorts in the destination weddings business offer a package that caters for the entire wedding ceremony. Most of them have an on-site wedding consultant to help you coordinate the essentials like cake, photography, officiant, marriage license and caterer. You will only need to specify what you need then show up on the wedding day to a perfect setup.

Avoid Stressful Family Situations

Destination weddings are ideal for a small intimate ceremony. Being in a location away from your hometown automatically limits the number of guests–which works to your advantage. You only invite your closest family and friends. Also, you will not feel coerced to invite people you don't like.

Honeymoon at Your Dream Destination

Flying or traveling to a far-off location for your wedding also allows you to enjoy the glamour, romance, excitement and create lifetime memories away from home. You can always visit the place for anniversaries to reminisce and relive the memories.


Destination weddings are easier to plan compared to local weddings. If you have a busy schedule, you do not have to worry. Most of the resorts offer wedding packages, complete with a professional planner. In this case, you will only need to share your ideas and implement the design for you. After all, farms and beaches do not require a vast decor; you only confine adornments at the entrance and the place where you exchange rituals.


People Close to You May Not Make It

Traveling to faraway locations may not be possible for everyone. Before you finalize your bookings, ensure you run through your guest list to confirm their availability. Some may not travel because of work, family, health issues, or financial constraints.

It May Complicate Your Honeymoon

Planning to celebrate your honeymoon in the same destination means you will have friends and family around. No one wants to bump into their mother-in-law on their honeymoon! Also, planning to travel to another honeymoon destination will involve extra costs and planning logistics.

Placing Burdens on Your Guests

Planning a wedding away from your hometown places a financial and logistic burden on your guests. They'll need to pay for their transport, accommodation, buy gifts, take time off work and obtain travel documents. Although some will attend regardless of these issues, you will need to ensure that your guests are not overstretched.

Local Wedding

A local wedding is an alternative to a destination wedding. Here you host the wedding in your hometown or state.


  • Better control of wedding planning. Hosting a local wedding allows you to communicate your expectations with the vendor in person and follow up through the planning process to ensure you get what you want.
  • You get the exact size you envision, whether small and intimate or a large wedding. More guests are likely to turn up for locally hosted weddings compared with destination weddings.
  • Hosting a local wedding gives you the comfort of planning your wedding in your hometown, working with vendors you are familiar with and an opportunity to celebrate with your closest family and friends.


  • Unlike destination weddings which continue as a vacation after the wedding day, a local wedding starts and ends on the same day. You may feel pressured by the events of the day and the limited hours you have at the venue. However, with a good planner, you can pull through without much pressure.
  • Local weddings may be costly because the number of items you are expected to buy or pay for may be too expensive.

Destination vs. Local Wedding Considerations

After weighing the pros and cons of each, you will be in a position to decide the ideal selection for you. It is essential to pay attention to the places that matter for you and your spouse. Whatever option you choose, remember to stay true to your budget and preferences.