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Ceramic Rings

Are ceramic rings durable?

Ceramic rings are similar to tungsten rings in that they are extremely hard and scratch resistant, but they weigh quite a bit less than tungsten. Ceramic also retains its color and finish very well so it requires little maintenance. However, as it is so hard, it is also more brittle than many other rings and can be prone to cracking if dropped, just like a tungsten ring. Fortunately, due in part to its light weight, it is a little less prone to cracking when dropped than a tungsten ring.

Are ceramic wedding bands hypoallergenic?

Ceramic wedding bands are considered to be hypoallergenic and they are an excellent choice for people with a nickel allergy or most other allergies to metals.

Can ceramic wedding rings be removed in an emergency?

All rings can be removed in an emergency. While most rings can be cut off, very hard rings like Ceramic wedding rings can be removed using vice-grips in order to crack them and break them off. Any emergency medical center will be well equipped to remove your ring in an emergency.