Elysium Black Diamond Rings


No Scratching, No Scuffing. The hardest, most scratch-resistant ring ever made. Period.

Elysium Black Diamond ring

What are Elysium Black Diamond rings?

Elysium rings are made of 100% diamond. To create each ring, thousands of diamonds are fused together under one million pounds of pressure with incredible heat. These rings are hypoallergenic, extremely light weight, comfortable, need no special care, and will never fade, dull, change color, or scratch. Elysium diamond rings are simply the hardest, most scratch-resistant rings on the planet.

Can Elysium Black Diamond rings be scratched?

As these ring are made from solid diamond they will not scratch. At times you may see what looks like a scratch on your ring. It has likely scuffed something that has left some residue that will come off with a Scotch-Brite pad or sandpaper. While these rings are the most scratch-resistant rings on the planet they are not indestructible and should still be removed when doing anything that may subject them to hard impacts.

Can Elysium Black Diamond rings be cut off during an emergency?

Elysium Black Diamond rings can be cracked off during an emergency the same way that a Tungsten band would be. This is actually more safe in certain emergency scenarios, as the Elysium ring would break instead of bending and crushing the finger.

Can Elysium Black Diamond rings be resized?

Elysium Black Diamond rings cannot be resized, however, we do offer size exchanges on all of our rings as outlined in our shop policies.