These Meteorite rings were made entirely in the United States using authentic Gibeon Meteorite from Namibia, Africa. Gibeon Meteorite is well known for its striking Widmanstatten lines. These lines are formed over millions of years to create a crystalline structure exclusive to meteorite, making your ring unique in its pattern and a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Get your very own Gibeon Meteorite ring from Revolution Jewelry, a combination of science and sophistication. You will want to show it off to everyone you meet. Learn more about our Meteorite Inlay process here

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Features and Highlights

Gibeon Meteorite was formed in space four billion years ago. It exploded upon entering Earth’s atmosphere, landing in the desert of Namibia, Africa in scattered pieces over an area 171 miles long and 62 miles wide. The Namibian government banned the export of Gibeon Meteorite, as any newly discovered pieces are automatically protected as national monuments. This means that any meteorite specimens in circulation are of increasing value and incredibly limited supply. The origin and rarity of each meteorite ring makes it a distinctive piece of art.

Gibeon Meteorite is classified as a fine octahedrite, featuring a distinct crystalline structure on its surface – a pattern found only in diamonds and gemstones. This visible crystal structure, or Widmanstätten pattern, was caused by extremely slow cooling of the material in space. The Widmanstätten pattern will vary slightly between pieces, as will the presence of inclusions. Inclusions are dark spots or tiny holes on the surface of the meteorite that are often traces of metals that, in some cases, do not occur naturally on earth. These inclusions are an important clue to the meteorite’s origin and are identifiers of its authenticity.

Wear and Care

Despite its natural protection against rust, Meteorite is primarily composed of iron, so oxidation is always a possibility. Exposure to strong oxidizing agents such as chlorine, bleach or salt can change the pH of the metal and increase chances of rusting. These chemicals, found in some household cleaners, pools, hot tubs, and salt water, should be avoided.

For most people, the meteorite should remain inert and rust-free during the course of normal wear. Because of this natural rust inhibition, Gibeon is one of the most popular types of Meteorite used in jewelry. With ever-increasing demand, the availability of raw material continues to decrease thus increasing its rarity and price.

Customization and Personalization

Revolution produces styles incorporating Meteorite in contemporary metals, precious metals and combinations of the two. Meteorite can be inlaid in the center of a ring or off-center, in either a round or square band. It can be also be made with a sleeve or inlaid on the very edge of a ring.