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Silver and Copper Men's Rings

How are your copper and silver rings made?

In general we use copper and sterling silver as an inlay on the exterior of the wedding band. We start with a base ring made of metals such as Damascus Steel, black zirconium, and cobalt chrome. The copper or silver is then inlaid into a groove on the exterior of the ring in order to add an accent to the base ring. Copper and silver have a similar cost so most rings we can swap one out for another without any change in price.

Do silver and copper rings tarnish?

Copper is an attractive and affordable alternative to Rose Gold. Unlike rose gold though, copper rings can tarnish and possibly turn your skin green. If you are willing to put a little extra effort into the care of your ring these issues can be minimized. Check out our Copper Info and Maintenance page to learn more.

Silver can also tarnish over time, but it is more stable than copper and does have fewer issues.

How do you clean copper and silver wedding bands?

Men's silver and copper wedding bands need no special care. As long as they don't contain meteorite, they can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner. If your ring does contain meteorite please refer to our meteorite cleaning instructions.

Men's Sterling Silver Rings

Our sterling silver men's rings can be made using the sterling silver either as the base metal or as an inlay. Sterling silver is a silver alloy that contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, mostly copper. Sterling silver is much more durable than pure silver and is a good choice for any men's ring.

Men's Copper Wedding Bands

Copper is a unique choice for men's wedding bands. Copper has a ruggedly beautiful look to it that adds an industrial element to your ring. If you're looking for a ring that will stand out, look no further than one of our men's copper wedding rings.

Silver Rings for Men

Don't see the men's silver ring you're looking for? We can custom design a silver ring for you. If you are interested in custom designing a silver ring, please submit a request for a custom ring quote and we'll be happy to help out.

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