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Black Zirconium Ring Info

Features and Highlights

Zirconium is an incredibly resilient element on the periodic table, making it well-suited for a variety of challenging applications. Zirconium doesn't absorb neutrons which makes it ideal for nuclear power stations and the majority of Zirconium is used in this way. It can also handle some intense chemical conditions and boasts superior corrosion resistance - two factors that make this material highly sought after in the chemical industry and make it a durable choice for jewelry.

Zirconium rings are ideal for those looking for a reliable and stylish alternative to traditional metals. Crafted from an alloy of Zirconium, these beautiful jewelry pieces avoid allergic reactions that can be caused by nickel or other precious metals.

Zirconium goes through quite a transformation to get its signature black look. Through the process of heating, a layer of hardy oxide coats the metal and gives it that iconic dark finish. Unlike other metals' treatments like oxidized silver or rhodium plating which can wear off over time, this protective coat is much sturdier! While this oxidized layer is dark, it is not pure black. Depending on the lighting it is seen in and what it is compared to, it can appear to vary in color as shown below.

See how Zirconium looks in different lighting

Finishes From Left to Right: Cross Satin Finish, Polish Finish, Bead Blast Finish, Hammer Satin Finish/Bead Blast Finish Edges, and Satin Finish

Wear and Care

Zirconium rings are a unique and stylish choice, however their black coating is not completely scratch-proof. Elysium is often an excellent choice for those in search of more durability - it's virtually impervious to scratching! But if you take good care of Zirconium, its versatility allows it hold up over the years far better than many other black metal ring.


Black Zirconium rings need no special care. As long as they don't contain meteorite, they can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner. If your ring does contain meteorite please refer to the meteorite cleaning instructions.

Customization and Personalization

Zirconium offers a truly remarkable range of personalization options for your perfect ring. With choices like carbon fiber, hardwood and precious metals available to be inlaid on the band as well as unique designs easily carved or laser engraved onto it, you can create something one-of-a kind!