Lashbrook Meteorite Rings

Meteorite rings aren't your standard jewelry because they're made from material that is literally from the final frontier. This unique choice is an excellent way to symbolize just how special you are. Made from the Gibeon meteorite, our rings' origin story started in space more than 4 billion years ago.

After this beautiful rock hit the Namibia desert, Lashbrook harvested the rock through ethical mining to produce rings that are truly one of a kind. Revolution Jewelry sells Lashbrook rings because this company has proven itself time and time again amid a highly competitive landscape.

Beauty and Strength of Meteorite Rings

Lashbrook meteorite rings from Revolution Jewelry are built to go the distance. Strong enough to handle anything from daily chores to outdoor sports, these rings can stand up to serious wear and tear. Look closely, and you'll see the intricate designs that make these rings so coveted. The details are as interesting as they are intense. Ultimately, that initial desire will turn into a sustained appreciation for the ring, leading both you and future generations to cherish your Lashbrook meteorite ring for many decades.

Choosing a Ring From Revolution Jewelry

Revolution Jewelry is here to help you decide on a ring for you. Whether you choose one of Lashbrook's pre-made rings or you want a custom ring, our staff can make it happen. Lashbrook's Widmanstatten patterns are perfect for both men and women and can resemble the patterns of a more traditional gemstone. Or maybe you've designed your own graphics that you want to be transferred to your ring. Our master jewelers can design the ring exactly how you envision it, so you don't have to settle for anything less. Revolution Jewelry is here to streamline the buying process, so you can get what you want.