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Lashbrook Meteorite Rings

At Revolution Jewelry, every ring tells a story. And our Lashbrook meteorite rings tell an explosive story that is truly out of this world. Formed in space over 4 billion years ago, Gibeon meteorite traveled to our planet, exploded upon impact and ended up in the Namibia desert. Through the highest standards of ethical mining and closely monitored manufacturing, this unique material with a crystalline structure, or Widmanstatten pattern, similar to that of a diamond or gemstone, becomes custom crafted as the inlay of our alternative metal rings for men and women.

Customized Lashbrook Meteorite Rings

We pride ourselves on our reputation for personalized craftsmanship at Revolution Jewelry. We can customize durable Lashbrook meteorite rings like no other to perfectly fit your finger or that of your loved one. Whether you order a Lashbrook ring from our over 120 pre-made designs or you request a ring that is customized at every step, the options are endless. You can opt for a more traditional 14-karat gold band or select titanium, black zirconium, cobalt chrome, Damascus steel and more. For a truly prehistoric vibe, we can combine Gibeon meteorite with dinosaur bone fossils in your choice of red, tan or black. Or for a romantic wedding ring, we can finish the band with an eternity set of diamonds encircling the edges to symbolize your never-ending love and commitment.

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No matter where you live, Revolution Jewelry can provide you with the ring of your dreams. When you want a ring to stand out from the traditional crowd, contact us Monday through Friday at (833) 874-6422 or send us a message online. We look forward to working with you.