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Black Zirconium Rings

What are black zirconium rings?

Zirconium is an element on the periodic table. It is found naturally in minerals such as zircon. Zirconium has a high resistance to corrosion and has been used in aeronautics, submarines, and even nuclear reactors. In its natural state it is a grey-white color. Black zirconium gets its black coloring through extreme heating which causes a chemical reaction on the surface creating an extremely durable and beautiful black layer. To make black zirconium rings, the rings are first milled from a zirconium bar and then heated to a high temperature in order to create the black layer. For two-tone rings, the black layer is removed in certain areas after the heating process using a diamond tool. Black zirconium is hypoallergenic, has incredible chemical resistance, and is very lightweight.

Are black zirconium rings durable?

We are confident in our all of our black zirconium rings. The black layer on black zirconium is permanent. It will not fade over time, tarnish, or change colors. The black layer on black zirconium is durable and does not scratch easily; however, it is not invincible and if it does scratch the scratch, it is more apparent than other metals due to the silver coloring that still exists under the black layer. Because of this, it should still be treated like any fine jewelry and is not ideal for wear in rough conditions or activities.

Are black zirconium rings pure black in color?

Black zirconium is the darkest metal available. However, they are not pure black rings. In some lighting they can appear to be dark grey.

Men's Black Rings

Men's black rings are an excellent choice for a wedding ring. Not only are black rings stylish, but they are also thought to symbolize eternal commitment. At Revolution Jewelry we want your ring to last as long as the commitment it symbolizes.

Black Wedding Bands at Revolution Jewelry

At Revolution Jewelry, we offer a wide variety of Black Wedding Bands. We have elegant Black Zirconium rings, which are not only durable and among the darkest materials avaible, but they are also our most popular black wedding rings available. We also offer the cutting edge Elysium Black Diamond bands which are made entirely out of diamond and are virtually scratch-proof. Carbon Fiber rings are another popular choice. These rings can either feature a carbon fiber inlay or they can be made as a solid band using solid forged carbon fiber. Finally, we recently started offering Black Titanium rings which are made using vapor-deposition which allows the blackening to penetrate well beyond the surface to ensure your ring stays black. If you don't see the perfect black wedding band for you, you can also contact us to request a custom wedding ring.

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